Sometimes something Cheaper is nearly as good. Huion H1060p

You know, I love Wacom, but I have to say for a Graphics Tablet without a screen (and maybe in a lot of cases with a screen) Huion makes a good tablet. In this case the H1060p. This is all my opinion, I have not been paid by Huion for this “review”. Honestly I have…

Digital Painting Pop in Photoshop

New Art Class Available! Hey everyone. I just released my first class on Skillshare and wanted to get the word out a bit here! Thanks to the support of the people there I came out with this class. I really wanted to create a class that goes over digital painting and Photoshop, but not just…

Card Game Art: A Process

From Blizzard’s Heathstone to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering, card games come in a variety of forms. Not too long ago, I posted here about looking into doing art for card games. I have had the opportunity to do work for the company Lixivium Games and have done a several cards for them….


A couple speed paints. I have been doing speedpainting lately to brush up my skill. Speed painting is very helpful in that it makes us faster as artists, but also allows us to think about the most effective way to convey a what we are painting in the simplest way possible. Fun stuff.